To The Top!

Lakeland Camping Barns are a better option than camping on Lake District campsites!

Have you ever got back to your Lake District campsite in the rain with a leak in the tent and all you want to do is get dry and warm. I definitely have... the trudge across the campsite to the toilet block to the shower and the rush back to the cramped tent.

Camping in the Lake District can be a fantastic joy but with the chances of inclement weather means that a campsite in the Lake District isn't always the best solution. The Lakeland Camping Barns  offer a fantastic solution to this they give you the freedom that you get with a Lake District campsite and the price is pretty similar. They also offer you a roof over your head so you can get dry and warm after a day out in the fells. At £11 per person per night this is a fantastic way to see the Lake District and you can walk between the Barns without having to take a tent!

There are lots of benefits and if you haven't tried the Camping Barn option then have a go, you won't look back and you'll never have a wet nights sleep on a Lake District campsite again....

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